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    To further meet the needs of local pets and their families, Dale's Pet Care opened a nearly 2 acre dog park in October 2011. The park is open to the public by appointment. Rules of the park included that all dogs must be current on vaccinations and social with other pets. Dogs must be supervised by their owner during the entire use of the park. For safety and reduced agressive behavior, only spayed or neutered dogs will be permitted. There is no charge to use the park although any donations will be accepted on behalf of the Humane Society of Olney. Contact Dale at 618-395-2067 for appointments and complete park rules.


    Your pet's safety and health are extremely important to us. Should an emergency occur, we will consult the veterinarian of your choice. You should leave this contact information with us when you leave your pet. If no veterinarian has been specified, we will contact the veterinarian(s) with whom we work with on a regular basis. Please provide an emergency phone number where you can be contacted as well as a backup local contact authorized to make care decisions on your behalf in the event we cannot reach you immediately. Any required veterinary care will be at your expense. You will be asked to sign a consent form before leaving your pet.












    Proof of current vaccine for the following must be presented prior to leaving your pet.                         

    Distemper, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza

    Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Caliciviridae, Panleukopenia, aka VRCP
    Distemper, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza


    Separation anxiety on the part of the pet and the family is normal. To ease the stress on all, we suggest you familiarize your pet with our surroundings before leaving your pet for a lengthy stay. This can be accomplished by leaving your pet for a short stay such as an afternoon or overnight stay first. It is best to do this a few times since repeated exposure to the setting will give your pet more confidence. He/she will be comfortable during future visits because it knows what to expect, i.e. (1) that you will return for it, (2) that other pets will be present, (3) that it will receive love from the staff.  Feel free to bring your pet's bed, blanket or favorite toy. These items bear your pet's scent which can help relieve anxiety and help your pet feel more comfortable

    Since pets are sensitive to your emotions, please provide a relaxed atmosphere prior to bringing your pet to us. It is easy for a pet to feel your anxiety and react accordingly. If your pet experiences adverse reactions to certain stimuli, such as thunder, loud noises, etc., please be sure to let us know. We will want to hear how you normally reassure your pet during these stresses.


    Your pet's medications with written instructions from your veterinarian for administering.

    The name and phone number of your veterinarian.

    Your pet's vaccination status from your veterinarian. Please refer to our required vaccination section.

    Your pet's food and treats including any special diet your pet requires.

    Your emergency contact information.

    Contact info for a local contact who can act on your behalf if we can't reach you.

    Information on occurrences that make your pet anxious, such as thunderstorms, and the ways you normally use to deal with these anxieties.

    You may bring your pet's bed, blanket or favorite toy. These items carry familiar scents that can sometimes help your pet feel more at ease and secure during the stay.

    If you are bringing a small animal, such as gerbil, hamster, bird or fish, you will need to bring that pet's habitat as well as food.









  • WHAT WE PROVIDE Open or Close

    Love and care for your pet during your absence.

    Sanitary, private, climatized space for your pet.

    Daily exercise and, in appropriate weather, outdoor play and running time within our fenced facility.

    Contact with us by phone for updates on your pet's status during the stay.

    Security camera for safety.

    Music playing to provide white noise which may help calm your pet and relieve boredom.

    Pheromone Relaxation Therapy to reduce stress during visits and thunderstorms.


    Note: To keep your pet's intestinal tract from being disrupted by a new diet, we need you to bring your pet's food and treats, including any special diet, from home.


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    All stays require an advance appointment. Please arrange your pet's stay as early as possible. Booking well in advance ensures we have a place for your loved one. We hate saying, "We're fully booked", but space limitation and time to provide exceptional care dictate it.

    Pick up and drop off times will be scheduled with Dale at the time you make your reservation. To experience a smooth transition, please adhere to your appointed times. This will keep client's from being detained while another pet is being processed to enter or leave. It also allows us to be sure your pet's things are ready for you at pickup. No pickup or drop off hours are available for Sunday or Holidays. While we will be caring for your pet on these days, they are our busiest days and all of our time is required to care for your pet.

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    email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Phone 618-395-2067